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True Colors Workshops

Painefree is proud to serve as one of a limited number of independent consultants certified by True Colors International to facilitate the renowned True Colors Workshops.

Widely used in small businesses, large corporations, schools, churches, hospitals, government, and nonprofit organizations throughout the world, True Colors is a highly-interactive, personality and communication style assessment that is fun to learn, easy to remember, and guaranteed to deliver new strategies for improved working relationships, even with “the toughest” of personality types.

Benefits of True Colors Workshops:

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Enhance leadership and management skills
  • Unify and foster more harmonious work environments
  • Promote diversity
  • Increase collaboration
  • Boost individual and team success

Painefree delivers the foundational principles of True Colors in a fun, interactive, high-energy three-hour workshop. Ideal class size is 12-24 participants per workshop, however we can create customized experiences for larger or smaller groups. True Colors can also be combined with other Painefree opportunities to create a full day workshop, retreat, or training series specific to your organization’s needs.