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Hiring the Right Fit

Kolbe makes finding the right person for the job easier and far less expensive than traditional selection methods. We provide “the missing link” in the hiring process: the rating of candidates based on their natural instincts.

Kolbe RightFit™

RightFit is Kolbe’s statistically proven hiring tool that helps companies screen and select the best job applicants.

Instead of guessing how well a prospective employee will perform, RightFit helps you identify the required methods of operation, or profile, of the ideal candidate. The software then ranks each candidate on an “A” to “F” scale based on how well their individual instincts compare to the requirements for success in a given role. RightFit can also be used to select individuals who match the methods of proven high-performers, as well as individuals who can fill a critical gap on a team.

Key benefits of Kolbe’s approach include cost savings and reduced turnover.

One national financial services company using RightFit estimates saving more than $10 million between interviewing, retraining, and downtime.

Another employer reports 0% of the employees hired using RightFit left for job-related reasons.

RightFit has been approved by legal departments of many leading American corporations and meets EEOC requirements as a selection tool that clearly establishes job relatedness. It is specifically designed to incorporate factors that drive successful job performance, and is based on Kolbe A™ Index results, which are unbiased by gender, age, race, and national origin.

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