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Exhalerate!: Mentoring & Peer Learning, Support & Accountability in a Safe Space

Starting a business, leading an organization or advancing in your career can range from highly satisfying and deeply rewarding to extremely isolating, frustrating and disheartening. Painefree’s Exhalerate! Mentoring & Peer Learning, Support & Accountability Groups were created to eliminate that effect. Exhalerate! increases the number of business owners, emerging leaders and executives who report feeling equipped, effective, and supported in their journey towards success.

Exhalerate! creates a safe space where you can exhale in the company of like-minded, understanding peers; AND accelerate your progress under the guidance of a skilled coach, mentor and trainer. Groups are intentionally small so you get the personal attention and community you need to keep pushing towards your goals even when times are tough.

Painefree Coaching & Consulting currently offers three Exhalerate! Groups:

  • Exhalerate!: Small Biz
  • Exhalerate!: Nonprofit
  • Exhalerate!: Leadership

Exhalerate! Small Biz

Program Overview

We get it. Dream building while managing all of the other balls you have to juggle in life can be hard; that’s why we created this safe space for entrepreneurs to excel and exhale. Exhalerate! Small Business is a life and business coaching, support, and accountability program hosted by Marissa Q. Paine for passionate, professional women who are ready to bring their visions to life or take their vision to the next level.  The core of the program consists of powerful group coaching sessions held every 2-3 weeks, in which Marissa and your peers serve as Chief Cheerleaders and Chief Challengers to help you move closer to your goals.

A majority of Exhalerate! Small Biz participants are business owners, but not all of them. Exhalerate! Small Biz is for any woman who sees the benefit of connecting with a coach and a small group of like-minded women to help move her from where she is to where she needs to be. Whether you are just starting your business, looking for a new start for the business you already have, or you’re ready to build your brand, Exhalerate! Small Biz will provide support and accountability as you implement and evaluate your results in real time.

Are You Eligible?

Are you a female brand or business owner in the first five years of your business, or are you a more established brand or business owner who hasn’t hit their financial goals yet?

Have you been looking for a real coach with proven results who gives you face-to-face time without completely breaking your bank?

Are you ready and willing to step outside of your comfort zone and take new actions that will accelerate your progress once and for all?

Are you willing to share your trials and triumphs in a confidential small group environment of like-minded women?

Are you willing to make both a financial and time investment in yourself in order to transform?

If you answered yes to all of the above, Exhalerate! Small Biz may be for you.


The program includes:

  • {1} Painefree Profile to include a Personality, Sales & Mode of Operating Assessment
  • {8} 135-minute Exhalerate Group Coaching, Support & Accountability Sessions
  • Supportive community of like-minded professionals, a “go-to” network for resources and referrals; plus, e-support from your coach for the duration of the program

In just four short months, you’ll have greater clarity in each of the 7 P’s for running a profitable business including:\

  • Big Picture
  • People
  • Pressure Point
  • Products & Services
  • Pricing & Profit
  • Positioning
  • Promotion

Interested? Schedule a painefree conversation to discuss your goals and determine if Exhalerate! Small Biz is right for you.  THe next group begins August 2018. Space is limited, so you’ll want to act fast.

Exhalerate! Nonprofit

Program Overview

According to Daring to Lead 2011, a national study of nonprofit executive leadership, after an initial honeymoon phase during which 52% of nonprofit chief executives in the role for less than a year described themselves as very happy, just 37% identified that way during years one through three. Nonprofit executives reported being energized by programmatic work and other duties that engaged them in external partnerships and collaboration; however internal operational aspects of their roles were more likely to be depleting.

Newer leaders were particularly challenged by establishing effective partnerships with their boards, describing disillusionment with what boards actually contribute with respect to strategy, resources, and personal support along executives’ steep learning curves. In fact, regardless of tenure, seventy percent (70%) of executives reported some degree of loneliness at the top.

Left unaddressed, the anticipated mass exodus of retiring executives coupled with this discouraging feedback from early tenured executives predicts a “perfect storm” of leadership gaps for the sector.

But there’s good news.

Exhalerate! Nonprofit creates a safe space for executives to exhale around the challenges and frustrations they experience in leadership while simultaneously accelerating their capacity to manage and resolve those issues.

Space is limited to eight participants per group on a first-come, first-served basis.

What to Expect

Using the action learning methodology, Exhalerate! Nonprofit sessions begin with a facilitated roundtable discussion on the “topic of the day” which is set by the group members. Members share their real-world leadership challenges with their coach and peers and process those challenges in a supportive, structured format designed to “normalize” their experience, foster new learning, and inspire fresh perspective and ideas for addressing the challenge. At the end of each session, participants journal and commit to “next-step” actions, and reflect on the results of those actions in subsequent sessions. This inevitably results in powerful takeaways for the group, growth for the individual, and improved outcomes for the organization.

Exhalerate! Leadership

This Power-of-the-Peer Group is customized for emerging leaders or existing management and leadership teams.

Schedule a painefree conversation to discuss your goals and determine which Power-of-the-Peer Group is right for you.