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Painefree Coaching & Consulting is a full-service leadership and organizational effectiveness company providing highly-customizable coaching, training, facilitation, organizational planning, and a full range of change and transition management services that build better leaders, stronger boards and teams, and healthier, more effective organizations.

From persistent staff challenges and leadership and team development needs to culture roadblocks, communication issues, and change and transition management struggles, Painefree Coaching & Consulting offers organizations and individuals proven solutions and transformative results.


The various paths to improvement are limitless, and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach. Schedule a complimentary Painefree discovery conversation to find out how we can best support you and your organization.

Success Stories

Confronting the Pain of Poor Performance


Overcoming Competing Interests and Transitional Pain


Restructuring and Revitalization for Organizational Rebirth


Blog: The Painefree Perspective

How to Secure a 6-Figure Grant

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Years ago, I had the pleasure of leading a faith-based social service organization. Like many nonprofits, we depended on volunteers to deliver our services. We provided outstanding services to people in need. We had visions to do grand things. ...And we basically had no budget. It’s hard to compete as [...]

How to Fix an “Us” vs. “Them” Mentality Among Teams

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I recently worked with an organization, let’s pretend they’re a widget company, that had a very problematic “us vs. them” dynamic. There are two main groups within the organization: the Makers who create the widgets and the Sellers who sell them. (Creative naming, I know!) The two groups [...]

5 Steps to Addressing Negative Non-verbal Behavior

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Any time you start a new job — especially if you’re entering hostile work conditions — you can walk into quite a bit of negative nonverbal energy. Maybe people had a beloved leader that you’re replacing, or they wanted the job that you now have. Or maybe they’re just taking [...]




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