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Executive Roundtables

Program Overview

According to Daring to Lead 2011, a national study of nonprofit executive leadership, after an initial honeymoon phase during which 52% of nonprofit chief executives in the role for less than a year described themselves as very happy, just 37% identified that way during years one through three. Nonprofit executives reported being energized by programmatic work and other duties that engaged them in external partnerships and collaboration; however internal operational aspects of their roles were more likely to be depleting.

Newer leaders were particularly challenged by establishing effective partnerships with their boards, describing disillusionment with what boards actually contribute with respect to strategy, resources, and personal support along executives’ steep learning curves. In fact, regardless of tenure, seventy percent (70%) of executives reported some degree of loneliness at the top.

Left unaddressed, the anticipated mass exodus of retiring executives coupled with this discouraging feedback from early tenured executives predicts a “perfect storm” of leadership gaps for the sector.

But there’s good news.

Our executive roundtables create a safe space for executives to exhale around the challenges and frustrations they experience in leadership while simultaneously accelerating their capacity to manage and resolve those issues.

Roundtables are offered in yearlong cohort and drop-in formats.

What to Expect

Using the action learning methodology, sessions begin with a facilitated roundtable discussion on the “topic of the day” which is set by the group members. Members share their real-world leadership challenges with their coach and peers and process those challenges in a supportive, structured format designed to “normalize” their experience, foster new learning, and inspire fresh perspective and ideas for addressing the challenge. At the end of each session, participants commit to “next-step” actions, and reflect on the results of those actions in subsequent sessions. This inevitably results in powerful takeaways for the group, growth for the individual, and improved outcomes for the organization.

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