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Career/Life Transition

The Path Finder Coaching Package is an immersive coaching experience for motivated professionals in transition who are clear that they should be making a bigger splash in life, but cloudy on exactly what that splash should be, or how to make it happen.

Over the course of this six-month program, we’ll help you to:

  1. confront your road blocks and limiting beliefs,
  2. crystallize and prioritize your heart’s true desire, and
  3. create a strategy and plan for making those desires your reality in the timeframe that makes sense for you.

With a plan in hand, and in the true spirit of coaching, we’ll then challenge and cheerlead you on as you work towards achieving success on your own terms.

The Path Finder Coaching Package includes:

  • {1} Painefree Profile which includes a Personality, Strengths & Mode of Operating Assessment
  • {1} 90-minute Self-Discovery Session to Validate Profile Results and Get Clear About Your Core
  • {1} 90-minute X-Ray Visioning Session to Assess Your Current State and Define Your Desired Future
  • {6} 50-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions via phone, video, or face-to-face from our office
  • eSupport via private client portal

The program kicks off with a series of assessments that will help your coach get to know you better and hopefully, help you learn a little something about yourself as well. You’ll meet 1:1 with your coach to review the assessments and discuss how closely aligned the results are to your values and self-perception. This will help your coach plan activities for future sessions.

Your second session will be diagnostic and goal defining. YES, we know you may not be crystal clear about where you’re going next, and that’s ok. This process is designed to help you identify and prioritize your goals.

With the preliminaries out of the way, we’ll get into a routine of meeting monthly or semi-monthly to continue your path-finding journey.

You’ll leave the program with greater clarity about where you want to go next and a workable plan for getting there.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a painefree conversation to discuss your goals and determine if The Path Finder  Coaching Package is right for you.