Dear Marissa,
I’m bored in my position. My supervisor is lazy and disconnected. I’ve looked for work in other departments and get bites but no offers yet. I’ve asked for more work but there’s nothing really there. I can’t really leave the company but I’m losing motivation.
Fed up
Dear Fed Up,
Yikes! It sounds like your job is consuming a lot of your attention in all the wrong ways. That’s never fun. First let me say, congratulations! The fact that you’re discontent and willing to do something about it shows maturity and a proactive nature, and good things come to those who “do”.
That said, might I suggest that you find a new place to focus your energy. Where are you headed, and what can you do now to prepare you for your next move?
The beautiful thing about being bored is that you almost always have the power to control the situation. What would happen if you focused your attention on where you’re going rather than where you are?
Are there books you should be reading? Business plans you should be writing? Does your job offer software training or webinars that you can take advantage of? Can you join a professional association or get involved in a networking group?
Even if it isn’t work related, volunteering can be a wonderfully enriching and distracting activity that can make a difference for you and others. Mentoring or serving on an event planning committee for example are both mutually beneficial experiences. Remember, the old adage is true, no good can come from an idle mind.
Lastly, you’ll want to be careful about how you refer to your supervisor. Those feelings may be playing out in your performance. Do you know why you’ve gotten “bites” but no job offers from your internal applications?
Your supervisor’s opinion of you matters, and if you refer to him as “lazy and disconnected”, I can’t help but wonder how he might be describing you?
Another adage, do unto/speak about others as you would have them do unto/speak about you. I wonder if there’s a way to use your supervisor as an ally in your continued professional development?
Again, the fact that you’re reaching out tells me that you’re on the right track. Good luck!
Keep me posted,

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