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Our Approach

The Painefree approach to coaching and consulting refutes the traditional consulting model with myopic focus on the bottom line.

Let’s face it, traditionally:

1) Management consultants are bottom-line driven and miss “the human element,” and

2) Nonprofit consultants are mission-driven and miss the bottom line

However, because our founder has a background in business and social work, Painefree clients benefit from an interdisciplinary approach, or what we like to call The Social Work Advantage™.

What does The Social Work Advantage™ mean for you?

In addition to the top-tier trainings and certifications with which Painefree consultants are equipped, you also benefit from the social worker “human” expertise—from our staff’s experience and knowledge in psychology, sociology, politics, education, health, philosophy, and counseling. Each of our team members are highly skilled at helping individuals, groups, and organizations successfully navigate the thoughts, feelings, and actions that instinctively come with change. We know how to confront the elephant(s) in the room in a way that is disarming and productive, and we excel at creating tailored solutions that consider those dynamics to ensure bottom line results.

Our mission, vision, and values stem from the belief that growth and change don’t have to be painful, and that’s why we do more than simply recommend solutions. We roll up our sleeves, dive deep into the nitty-gritty through comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analyses, and stick with our clients until tangible transformation occurs.

Think you or your organization would benefit from the The Social Work Advantage? Schedule a complimentary Painefree discovery conversation to find out how we can best support your unique situation.