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Marissa Q. Paine

I’m Marissa Q. Paine, proud principal and CEO of Painefree Coaching & Consulting. I started Painefree to live out my life’s purpose: helping other leaders live theirs.

In short, I help high-performing leaders, teams, and organizations who positively impact the lives of other people to confront their roadblocks, crystalize their change strategies, and convert their problems into possibilities. I love what I do!

This hasn’t always been my story, however. My purpose revealed itself over the course of a successful twenty-year career in both corporate and nonprofit environments. I started out as a newsroom intern at a fast-paced, daily newspaper; then entered corporate America as the world’s greatest executive assistant. Hungry for more responsibility, I worked hard to advance to a public affairs coordinator position and ultimately “arrived” as a fast-tracked account manager in a fancy advertising firm.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to discover that billing 90 hours a week for the shareholder’s bottom line was NOT the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. So, I went back to school, got a master’s degree in social work, and started up the career ladder again—this time in the nonprofit sector.

I started my nonprofit career as a fundraising generalist for the American Heart Association. I then used my public relations experience and passion for youth as community relations manager for St. Louis City CASA. I led a federally funded program providing training, technical assistance, and grants to more than 70 grassroots organizations serving youth in the Greater St. Louis region and ultimately enjoyed a very rewarding career as a nonprofit chief executive.

I was a natural born change agent, specializing in start-ups and “start-overs.” The problem was—like all good super heroes—once my mission was complete, I was ready for the next challenge. I was a fixer, so staying in one place to maintain the status quo was not stimulating for me at all.

I longed to use my gifts and talents to make an even bigger splash in the world, so when the opportunity came for me to spread my wings as an entrepreneur, it was a no-brainer! By then, my purpose was clear. I am uniquely gifted at grasping others’ visions and creating a workable plan for bringing that vision to life, even if—no, especially ifyou’ve struggled to get it done in the past. That’s why they call me the “Chief Problem Solver.” If you really want to see me shine, give me an organizational challenge and 6-18 months to turn it around. Organization transformations are my specialty!

My firm is a little different than other consultancies, because our focus isn’t just on recommendations. We advise, coach, and support implementation. Yes, we offer a wide range of “immediate need” trainings, retreats, assessments etc., but our real value lies in the long-term partnerships we establish when leaders are ready to forego the status quo to truly transform their organizations, their teams, and their results.

I support and empower leaders, develop and unify teams, and transform organizations, not because I have to, I do it because I was born to.

If you’re remotely curious about how we might be able to assist you in bringing that big vision of yours to fruition, I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and if you were looking for the formal bio stuff, it’s right here.

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