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All Services

The Painefree Coaching & Consulting approach is always custom tailored to the individual, team, or organization we are serving. Our solutions often encompass a combination of the services listed below, so we recommend starting with a complimentary discovery conversation to find out how we can best support your unique situation.

1:1 Coaching

  • Career/Life Transition Coaching: For motivated professionals in transition who are clear that they should be making a bigger splash in life, but cloudy on exactly what that splash should be, or how to make it happen. Learn more.
  • Leadership Coaching: For management professionals seeking to enhance their leadership abilities and more effectively navigate the day-to-day realities of managing people and leading teams and organizations. Learn more.
  • Executive Coaching: For driven CEOs and senior executives seeking a trusted advisor, objective sounding board, strategic thinking partner, and skilled leadership coach to help address their most pressing leadership or organizational challenge(s). Learn more.
  • Business Coaching: For business owners ready to jump start a new business or seeking a new start for an existing business. Learn more.
  • Coaching for Boards & Teams: For boards, teams, departments, or other entities struggling with communication, collaboration, and productivity. Learn more.
  • Coaching for Clarity Seekers: For ambitious individuals who have a spoken or unspoken vision, and need help bringing it to life—fast! Learn more.
  • Coaching for New + Existing Clients: For those who understand that you can never have too much coaching, and seek ongoing actionable advice and accountability. Learn more.

Power-of-the-Peer Groups

  • Exhalerate!: Peer learning, support, and accountability groups that create a safe space where leaders and entrepreneurs can exhale in the company of understanding peers; while simultaneously accelerating their effectiveness and success. Learn more.
  • John Maxwell Leadership Masterminds: Customized personal and professional development programs including topical Lunch ‘n Learns and in-depth, multi-week Mastermind Groups featuring some of Dr. Maxwell’s most popular titles. Learn more.
  • Executive Roundtables: Our quarterly roundtables create an opportunity for riveting dialogue that challenges participants to push the envelope and lead for change. Learn more.
  • Customized Peer Groups: Request a specialized group based on narrowly defined problems, objectives, or demographics. Learn more.

Workshops & Retreats

  • Board Governance: Painefree is proud to partner with BoardSource to offer best-in-class training to leaders who want to magnify their impact within their organizations and their communities through exceptional board practices. Learn more.
  • Leadership: Work through issues involving culture, change management, leadership, and social & emotional intelligence. Learn more.
  • People Management: Training courses for new and experienced people managers to strengthen their foundational management skills. Learn more.
  • Team Building & Group Dynamics: Interactive workshops to help make teams more productive, deal effectively with idiosyncratic dynamics, juggle different personalities, communicate better, manage workloads, make decisions, solve problems, and perform better together. Learn more.
  • Everything DiSC: Painefree is proud to be an authorized Partner of the Everything DiSC suite of workplace solutions designed to help clients build more effective workplaces based on an understanding of behavioral styles. Learn more.
  • Customized Keynotes, Trainings, Retreats: Thought-provoking and action-oriented experiences custom tailored to meet your team or organization’s unique interests and needs. Learn more.

Organizational Development

  • Restructuring & Organizational Alignment: Consulting for organizations starting up or starting over in need of hands-on support with governance, structure, systems, program development, and more. Learn more.
  • Nonprofit Effectiveness Audit: From document reviews to focus groups, this in-depth analysis utilizes qualitative and quantitative data to measure organizational success and provide recommendations to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Learn more.
  • Strategic Planning: Your guide to developing road maps for complex business realities including visioning, long-range planning, annual operating plans, change management plans, business plans, and more. Learn more.
  • Change + Project Management: Navigate the challenges of restructuring, executive transitions, mergers & acquisitions, turnarounds, start-ups, program development, project management, and more. Learn more.
  • Executive Transition Management: Short and long-term executive level contracted staffing solutions (including interim leadership) that give your organization the time and human resource relief it needs to facilitate seamless leadership transitions with minimal interruption to business operations. Learn more.
  • Assessments: Research-based assessments and data analysis utilized to develop outcome-driven change solutions. Learn more.