Overcoming Competing Interests and Transitional Pain 2018-01-02T18:06:37-06:00

Overcoming Competing Interests and Transitional Pain

When an established, beloved non-profit pediatric healthcare facility faced multiple organizational changes that threatened its long-term sustainability, they reached out to Painefree Coaching & Consulting.


The organization had faced continual turnover at the executive level, leadership challenges at the board level, and significant financial obstacles. All of these combined threatened the viability of the organization. The organization was experiencing friction and anxiety inherent to teams in transition. In addition, there was a decision that needed to be made and the involved parties all had significant conflicts of interest.

Cognizant of their varied competing needs and priorities, the organization was referred to Painefree Coaching & Consulting.


According to Board Member Rick Majzun, “Marissa (Painefree’s Founder and CEO) dove into the work with an engaging and strong leadership style. She was candid, direct, and kind, and told the hard truths in a respectful manner, ultimately earning the trust of staff, physicians, and board members.”

The Painefree team framed and facilitated strategic discussions, acted as the liaison between the staff and principal decision makers, and helped the organization through a challenging merger.

“Marissa also acted as our interim executive director while a strategy was created,” said Greta Todd, Board Member. “In this role, she established a top-tier management team and made financial cuts that significantly improved the organization’s operating and financial status.”

Ultimately, merging with another non-profit to form a community health center became one of the three solutions on the table to ensure the organization’s continuity. Painefree helped the team vet and, eventually, decide to move forward with this option—and acted as a guide throughout the process.


With specific expertise helping organizations in transition, the Painefree team turned challenges into opportunities. The clinic survived and successfully integrated into a community health center that is now serving its patient population in a sustainable way. Throughout it all, Painefree ensured that organizational partnerships and personal relationships were preserved despite difficult discussions. In addition, multiple stakeholders report that the team is more united, aware of their impact on the populations they serve, and confident in the future.

“Without Painefree, I think this vital organization in our community would have dissolved,” said Majzun. “Marissa is a great consultant with unparalleled expertise in organizational development, and leadership; Painefree is a valuable resource to our community.”