Confronting the Pain of Poor Performance 2018-01-02T18:03:11-06:00

Confronting the Pain of Poor Performance

Youth In Need, a non-profit providing residential homes, foster care case management, homeless outreach, counseling and support groups, education and family development resources to more than 10,000 children, teens, and families in Missouri, realized they were very much in need of staff training and development after hiring a new Vice President. The new executive, Melissa Chambers, had inherited a number of leadership challenges including compliance, quality, and performance, along with an underdeveloped management team. Knowing that she did not have the bandwidth or resources to tackle all of these issues while staying focused on operations, Melissa reached out to Painefree Coaching & Consulting.


“The management team I inherited was young,” said Chambers, “They had not
experienced any strategic support and development and, as a result, were struggling.” With the weight of the new position, she needed assistance in getting her support staff up-to-speed quickly. “With fundamental management skills training, I knew we could make some monumental operational shifts,” she said. “And I had faith that Painefree could provide this level of support to get my team performing to their full potential.”


The Painefree team was initially engaged to conduct a staff-wide True Colors Workshop to help build relationships and learn about everyone’s unique working styles. This was so effective that Chambers then contracted Painefree for an in-depth group workshop with her managers. “This was pivotal,” she shared. “Marissa and her team turned esoteric concepts into easy-to-understand to-dos. The way she facilitated the sessions helped to cultivate a sense of teamwork.”

Results were rapid and momentum built. Thus, that engagement was quickly followed by a True Colors refresher workshop, quarterly leadership trainings, a monthly director’s circle, and executive coaching for key leadership team members.


Chambers and other leadership team members report that major skills’ deficits have been remedied and the management team is now not only meeting, but exceeding, expectations.

“It has been a pretty remarkable transformation,” Chambers said. “There is an increased willingness to communicate with each other and we place a higher value on each other’s perspectives. Our team is more open to constructive criticism and more supportive of each other; creating better team members has created stronger teams.”

There has been a significant human resources value as well. Because the energy is so different and the environment and culture have shifted, the organization has been able to retain high-performing staff and recruit top-tier candidates. “Staff morale is the highest it has ever been,” Chambers shared. “Everyone is excited about professional development because they like the organization, they want to stay in their positions long-term, and they are excited for the future.”

Chambers says she feels as if the Painefree team is a part of her management team: “I know they are right there with us, working and rooting for our success.”