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Clarity Seekers

For those seeking clarity about their vision, team, ambitions, and more, Painefree offers Whiteboard Sessions and 360 Degree Feedback Sessions.


It’s been said that one “whiteboard session” with our principal, Marissa Q. Paine, can illuminate and completely transform what you ever deemed possible.

This is a highly customizable program used by business owners, chief executives, and other organizational leaders to bring clarity to a cloudy idea or initiative. Spend a full morning or afternoon with Marissa as she asks the right questions to help you sketch out the strategy you need to get the results you want. Marissa will wear whatever hat she needs (i.e. coach, consultant, confidant, etc.) to help you get unstuck and on a clear path for moving forward.

Private Strategy Sessions are for those looking to jumpstart and accelerate their progress. Accomplish is one day what would normally take a few months with our regular coaching packages.

This VIP Day Package includes a half-day strategic planning session (3 hours), an action plan write-up; plus, three follow-up coaching sessions to ensure that you have the support you need to successfully implement your plan.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a complimentary discovery conversation to discuss your goals and determine if a private strategy session is right for you.

360 Degree Feedback

This assessment tool helps employees and leaders develop more fully, and gain a broader perspective on their strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, though, this instrument helps to identify how an individual does and can impact others. As such, this assessment tool and the associated 1:1 coaching can be a powerful performance enhancer. This offering includes:

  • 60-minute preparation session
  • Assessment Administration
  • Two, 90-minute sessions (one to review the results and the other to create a professional development plan based on the results
  • 60-minute follow-up session

Perspective is key to performance. Painefree’s 360 Degree Feedback offering can be added to any package or can serve as a stand-alone to bolster skills through enhanced understanding of a variety of viewpoints.